Where do you keep your good memories?

Good things happen to us all the time. Some lie in details, some are more obvious, but all of them are relevant and always special.

But then, we are busy: appointments to attend, to-do lists to check out, goals to achieve... and those precious moments fade away in our minds...

In a world saturated by virtual influences, where thoughts and feelings expire and are replaced in the speed of a "click".... I felt the need of something real: a space where to store my good memories.

So I combined two of my passions: ceramics and writing. I hand build a container, to store those moments, in writing - a Memory Box.

You may say that "photos do the job", but I believe that writing is much more powerful. It is translating into words the emotions which accompany those instants; written by you; in a way that inmediately connects to your heart, to what you felt when it happened.

And as the song says: "keep your good memories to your bad moments; they will remind you how life is worth living, experiencing, dreaming..."

Because remembering is living twice.

These are photos of the Memory Box I offered as a birthday gift to my friend Mila.
Now it is hers; to treasure her good memories (which I am deeply happy to be part of!).

Happy birthday, Mila!

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