For the moment, I am my best customer :-)

Long time has passed.... but here the final result!

Stoneware, hand sculpted from a little block of clay. Each one is unique as... I confess... I am not able to repeat them! 
They are glazed in shiny white. Next ones will be made in porcelain and black stoneware...
More to come!

I realised I make the jewellery I love to wear. My intention is to make and sell my pieces (and to have enough variety to have an online store! :-). But generally, I make what I love. 

I was trying to figure out the profile of my “customer” - basically meaning, which type of woman would love my pieces? So I could address to them "personally".

It is not easy though. 

Found texts in internet suggesting that one’s personality will “interfere” in the decision of which accessories to wear.
It was coming down to comments like “big earrings are worn by extroverted women”…
I am not so sure to share those kind of labels.
However, considering that I do love what I produce and could wear every one of them (and sometimes, all of them together), maybe I could assume that my customer is someone similar to me… Does this make sense?

Scrolling down you will find several photos of my pieces… if you feel like to give me your comments, they will be highly welcome!!!

Big hug! Paula

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